Tomb Raider levels

Palace Midas is the seventh level of Tomb Raider. In it, Lara Croft explores the ruins of Midas' Palace, survives three challenging tasks and witnesses the power of the Hand of Midas...


See Palace Midas Walkthrough

Palace Midas

The flame trap.



Weapons FoundEdit

  • Dual Magnums

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • none

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Key Itens EncounteredEdit

  • 3 Lead Bars(which later will turn into gold bars)

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Midas' Palace
  • Midas' Gardens
  • Midas' Challenge Rooms


  • 1 - Magnum Ammo and Small Medipack
  • 2 - Small Medipack, Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo
  • 3 - Magnum Ammo (will be Magnums if you don't have them), Shotgun Ammo and a Small Medipacks

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