Tomb Raider: Anniversary levels

This article is about the level in Anniversary. For the level in Tomb Raider, see Caves.

Peru - Mountain Caves is the first level of Anniversary. In it, Lara relives her explorations in Peru in search of the Scion of Qualopec...


The level starts with Lara's father's voice speaking the words written in his journal, which Lara holds in her hands. Her guide will climb up a ladder and it will snap as he nears the top, but he climbs to safety. Lara calls up to him that she will find another way up, as he is out of rope. The player then gains control of Lara. This area will provide a small tutorial for the game. Run forward and climb onto the snowy block. The game instructs you on how to jump towards the wall and grab a ledge. While hanging from a ledge, you can shimmy left or right and can drop down or jump up, also being able to jump away from the ledge towards another surface. Shimmy to the left of the ledge and look behind you. You can jump to another snowy rock behind you. More to be added.....


Weapons FoundEdit

Allies EncounteredEdit

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Qualopec Entrance
  • Peruvian Caves



Tomb Raider Anniversary - Time Trial 105:25

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Time Trial 1.1 - Peru - Mountain Caves

Spoiler free walk-through

Tomb Raider Anniversary - 106:47

Tomb Raider Anniversary - 1.1 - Peru - Mountain Caves - Relic Artifact

Secret Locations

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