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"This isn't life, Mademoiselle. It's BUSINESS! Your compulsion prevents you from seeing the difference!"

Pierre DuPont is a mercenary  hired By Jacqueline Natla in Tomb Raider: Anniversary, to retrieve the Atlantean Scion from the tomb of Tihocan.

Biography Edit

Pierre is one of Lara's rivals in the field of archeology, and pursues fame like none other. Much like Lara, Pierre DuPont is frequently credited with major archaeological finds but also accused of tampering with the sites before informing others of the finds. While he presents himself as a professional, consummate archaeologist, the affluent and rich know him for what he really is: a treasure hunter with a talent for getting what people want -- for a price. He has no true passion for discovering the histories of past civilizations or solving the mysteries of history and raids tombs only for profit, selling priceless artifacts illegally to the highest bidder.

In late 1996, Pierre is hired by Jacqueline Natla to find the second part of the Scion artifact in Greece. However, he is followed into St Francis' Folly by Lara, he does not kill her when he has the chance, deciding to race her. He taunts her at a few triggered stages.

Lara reaches the Tomb of Tihocan. There, Pierre reveals to have obtained the piece of the Scion before Lara, and holds her at gunpoint before Lara manages to fight back, causing him to flee. However, as soon as he steps out, the two centaur statues outside the tomb turn to life and attack Pierre, who, in a moment of cowardice, throws the piece of the Scion to Lara, in hope that their attention will then be driven to her instead. Unfortunately for him, they decided to kill him before turning to Lara - and thus, in this version, Lara does not kill Pierre Dupont.

Appearances Edit

Tomb Raider: Anniversary