Quaxet was an evil king who ruled over the Inca, Aztec and Mayan peoples.


Reign of TerrorEdit

During Quaxet's evil reign over the three cultures, he sacrificed thousands of his own people as offerings to an evil god who demanded offerings to feed it's spirit. Quaxet's rule over the three cultures would last for over forty years until the three cultures united to defeat the evil force. The three high priests representing each culture battled and killed Quaxet. They then entombed his spirit within a crystal orb which was thereafter named the Nightmare Stone. The stone was sealed within a vast obelisk which likewise was sealed within a temple deep within the rainforests of the Amazon to prevent Quaxet from being unleashed again.

Temple DiscoveryEdit

Many years later, the temple is discovered and an exhibition is led by Illiat who then maintain their position outside of the temple. However, a group of mercenaries are also interested in what the walls of the temple keep secret. They force Illiat to hand over a map and leave him for dead within the temple. But Illiat only gave them a part of the map. Adventurer Lara Croft later arrives and eventually she recovers the Nightmare Stone. Rather than risk having it's evil released again, Lara throws the stone into lava and Quaxet's chances of freedom are destroyed. The temple begins to collapse and Lara escapes before it can entomb her.


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