Ray Tomb Raider Dark Horse

Ray is a minor antagonist in the second run of Tomb Raider comics.

Lara hires him as a guide when she goes to Devil's Pass in order to find Jonah. He comments on Lara's looks, though he backs off when he notices Lara reaching for her climbing ax. Arriving at Jonah's trailer, Ray waits outside and eavesdrops, hearing that Jonah has gold. He witnesses the freak wave that washes through the pass. He manages to get to safety and stops Lara and an unconscious Jonah going over the ledge. He then demands Jonah's gold, threatening Lara at gunpoint. Jonah wakes up and grabs Ray's legs, distracting him long enough for Lara to attack him with her ax, causing him to fall of the edge of the cliff.

Trivia Edit

  • Ray claimed to have debts to pay, which is why he wanted the gold.
  • It is believed that Ray may have been a serial killer, as he nonchalantly talks about people going missing out in the desert, meaning that he may have killed and robbed people who hired him.

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