Not to be confused with The Remnants, the seventh level of Tomb Raider: Underworld.
Cross of the Deathless Prophet

Cross of the Deathless Prophet, the Symbol of the Remnants.

The Remnants are descendants of the Deathless Prophet's disciples in Russia. They possess a diverse background that incorporates many of the ancient peoples that lived throughout the Byzantine Empire and beyond. Such ancestors include Greeks, Syrians, Slavs, and many other ancient peoples. They seem to have preserved many of the cultures and traditions of their ancestors that much of the modern world has either forgotten or abandoned such as their choice of clothing and art as seen in Sofia's style of clothing. Their purpose is to protect the Prophet and the Divine Source. They are led by Jacob, and his daughter Sofia.

Years prior to the game's setting, the Remnants were discovered by the Soviets, when the later discovered ancient ruins in the mountains. The Soviets enslaved many Remnants, forcing them into mining out the ancient relics and rich ore. Lara Croft comes across many of these mines and brings to light the many deaths that had happened, and also how the Remnants finally managed to fight back, killing their overseers.

Despite their dwindling numbers, the Remnants' sole duty is to protect their sacred valley and its secrets and will fight to the last man to make sure their duty is successful. They fight using bows, or scavenged guns and fight better with stealth and tactics, rather then the brute force of the Trinity soldiers.

During her time with them, Lara manages to gain the trust of all the Remnants and Sofia. At the end of the game, you can overhear Remnants praising Lara and calling her their hope for the outside world.

Notable members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Remnants have lived apart from the real world for generations, the only time the outside interacted with them was when the Soviet's enslaved them. It is then, that they acquire firearms and learn of new technology. When Trinity come and take over the old Soviet facility, the Remnants learn more modern technology, like radios and generators.
  • After the games story, a Remnant smith can be overheard talking about how many of their people have left to discover the real world, and questioning why many of them stayed when there was nothing to protect any longer.
  • They are a hunter/gatherer tribe, they use ancient ways to survive with little to no access with the outside.
  • After the game, many Remnant's cam be listened in on. They speak of how many of their people wanted to leave and discover Lara's world, and their reason for staying in the Valley. Some speak of Jacob, Sofia, and also the Divine Source. Other's talk of Lara.

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