Documents - Dictaphone

Research Notes refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Each document is a piece of a Ana's recorded journal.

There are six total Research Notes Documents in the game.


I've finally laid my betrayals bare. Lara knows the truth.

Now a strange series of emotions has gripped me. Remorse, certainly. Remorse for a piece of me that was left inside that tortured cell.

But something else, too.

I know Konstantin thinks that I have lost my edge, that my time with the Crofts has made me soft. But he's wrong. It isn't softness. It feels instead like a new kind of resolve.

I knew Lord Croft to be an intelligent man. I know his daughter holds secrets in her head. As an ally, she'd be invaluable.

As an enemy, she'll be a difficult problem. I must make sure that Konstantin's arrogance doesn't get the better of him as we take her on.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

A fragment of Ana's personal journal. She's been manipulating my family for years. All this time... and I trusted her.


Strange being in the field again. I was undercover for so long, locked in a life of comfort at Croft Manor. Here, there in no comfort at all. The air is frozen, the food is canned and cold. The company, aside from Konstantin, is abysmal.

But I asked to be here. I need to be here. I do not have the luxury of time or patience. Konstantin and I began this journey together; I will be there when he fulfills his destiny.

So for now, I'll breathe deep. I'll let the cold air burn my lungs. I'll let it remind me that I'm still alive. And let it fuel me for the final push towards our destiny.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

More pages of Ana's personal journal. She's been working for Trinity longer that I've known her. Everything I know about her is a lie...

The Fearful and the LostEdit

As we push deeper into the valley, I find myself staring at the ruins and pondering my own mortality. These structures have been here for ages waiting for this moment. I can feel their anticipation. The stone itself wants us to succeed.

And what is there to stop us? Non-believers, the fearful and the lost. Those that hid the source from Trinity for so long.

We are the very people who would use what's hidden here as it was intended to be used.

This world is too corrupt, too rotten, too sick to be saved by any means other than Trinity. We will have our army. A righteous man will lead it. Konstantin will be that man.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Another part of Ana's personal journal. She's completely bought into Konstantin's delusions...

Lost in MemoriesEdit

This fucking illness. It is ruining my body and now it threatens my mind as well. I keep drifting off. Getting lost in memories.

... lost in thoughts of the day Lord Croft died. How the plan had to shift. How I though we had failed. And before that. My early days with Trinity. Learning the secret histories of the world. Learning that it was our duty to save it.

--- And back farther, to childhood. Konstantin and I. With only each other to rely on.

Then I rip myself free. Back to the present.

I've always done what had to be done. this time will be no different.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

More of Ana's personal journal. Whatever disease she has, it's starting to affect her mind. But it's not as if she were the very picture of mental stability before...

Broken BondsEdit

Croft continues to create difficulties for us. She's rallied the valley people from their squalid huts and helped lead them to a series of victories.

I wish I could make her understand just how wrong she is. How misguided her ideas of morality are. The world is too flawed for stop-gaps. A lone hero cannot rescue it. The idea of revealing the Divine Source to the world would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous.

Did I think she could be turned to Trinity's side before? Yes. But not anymore.

We were close, she and I. There is a bond there. But... but... I think now there is no choice. She must be broken.

And I know she can be broken. I've broken stronger than her.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

A piece of Ana's personal journal. She's given up on trying to turn me to her side. Now she thinks she can break me... Well, come and see, Ana. I'll be waiting.

The Strength of FaithEdit

I won't die in this God forsaken valley. My faith is stronger. My will is stronger. Even if... my mind keeps wondering away.

In our youth... Konstantin and I in our youth...

He was a difficult child. Always wondering, always questioning. Afraid of what the future might hold. Afraid that he might never find his purpose. The night I cut those marks into his hands, the night I whispered into his ear, I made him. I saved him. he believed it to be the work of God, just as I'd hoped.

Now I need him to save me.

And if, in the end, he can't. Then I'll save myself.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Ana has manipulated her brother for years, shaped him into the monster he has become. i almost feel sorry for him.