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Cold Darkness Awakened

Cold Darkness Awakened is DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider under Expeditions.


After the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider a gas cloud was forming over an old Soviet Weapons Research Facility, and would reach the Remnants base within a day. Nadia managed to find records of this place, and learned of an old experiment to create super-soldiers, the experiment failed however, and was shut down. Under Konstantin orders, a group of Trinity soldiers reactivated the factory. The factory produced a gas which transformed the Trinity soldiers into primitive bloodthirsty savages, like the prisoners Soviets experimented before. Sofia, who has learned how to fly a helicopter, brought Lara to the factory, and circles over it, while Nadia read Lara instructions on how to shut down the factory permanently. Lara managed to destroy the research facility, and with the facility's explosion, burn out the gas that was already formed over it.


These are the rewards for players who have completed this DLC's story:

  • Voidhammer Shotgun
  • Ushanka Camo Outfit

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