Rocket launcher
Rocket Launchers are recurring weapons in the Tomb Raider Series.

Tomb Raider III Edit

The Rocket Launcher is the most powerful weapon in Tomb Raider III. One missile kills anything. Unfortunately, there are only a few rockets to be found in the game, so it is best to save this weapon for the levels of Antarctica. Also, it is recommended that after India the player chooses to go to Nevada, because in the High Security Compound level, Lara will be stripped of all her weapons, and if she had the Rocket Launcher with her, she will lose it forever.

Firepower: 10/10

Firing Rate: poor

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Edit

Rocket Launcher GOL

A Rocket Launcher can be found in Guardian of Light. It has a massive blast radius and can decimate entire groups of enemies. It has the highest damage in game, though it also has the highest ammo consumption, and the lowest rate of fie. If the Relic bar is filled, it will fire two rockets simultaneously.

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