TR III London - SLink Merc

SLinc Mercenaries form a small army of professional mercenaries that are employed by Sophia Leigh of Sophia Leigh Incorporated (SLinc). John was among these men as was his father and grandfather.

With these mercenaries, Sophia could send her men to kill anyone who seemed to oppose her projects and they would disappear without a trace. When Lara Croft came to London searching for the Eye of Isis in 1998, she encountered many of these mercenaries on the rooftops. Lara would meet more of them again when she was searching for the apparent fifth meteorite artifact, the Hand of Rathmore. They are equipped well and their accessories include bulletproof vests, sniper rifles and infrared binoculars.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara CroftEdit

Tomb Raider III: The Lost ArtifactEdit


At one point, the below image shows that the SLinc mercenaries were to wield an M-16.


Promotional ArtworkEdit

Official RendersEdit



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