Sacrifice for a Friend is the fifth issue of the Season of the Witch arc in the first first run of Dark Horse Tomb Raider Comics.

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Lara reminisces about her friendship with Sam: how they met, their countless trips together and how much she matters to her, as she moves inland. Matsu's men report that Lara is on the island and he demands they do not to kill her. Sam pleads for Matsu to not hurt Lara, even going as far as agreeing to let Himiko posses her. Matsu, however, reminds her that they don't want to bring back the sun queen but instead wish to bring back Mathias, who will bring back Himiko. They intend to sacrifice Lara to bring him back, Sam is merely the bait.

Lara finds two sentries and makes a move to interrogate them. Lara at first tries to avoid killing them but they end up forcing her. Fortunately, she manages to get Sam's location from them. Matsu is angered when they do not report in.

Lara begins to think on the prophecy that kept being repeated, and tries to decipher what the four calamities are. As she does, she arrives at the final resting site of the Endurance, and her lost friend, Alex. She concludes that the calamities are tied to the four elements mixing, realizing two of the calamities had happened.

  • Water swallows the Earth: When the desert flooded.
  • Fire burns the sea: When the ship exploded, leaving burning fuel on the surface.

Soon, Lara trying to think what the third calamity is supposed to be: Earth pummels the sky. A rockslide begins and Lara is force to jump into the water.

Lara is knocked unconscious from the fall. Lara hears a voice calling out to her. As she comes to, she opens her eyes and sees the disfigured body of Alex. Lara disbelievingly acknowledges that he can't be real. He confirms that he is a dream. Lara apologises to him for what happened. He asks Lara to give his sister his pocket watch, if she lives. Lara is suddenly pulled out of the water by the mysterious man from Dublin.

Lara wakes up some time later. The man identifies himself as Danny. He explains that he used to work for Lara's father. He asks Lara for help to standing, remarking that he has an injury. He states that Lara's father had tried to stop Matsu in the past, seeing them as a threat to the world. He tells Lara that Himiko is not the group's intended subject for resurrection. He asks if she has the artifacts the Masu and his men want. Lara, (realising that he saved her twice) believes she owes him. They are suddenly attacked by Matsu's men. Lara manages to kill two of them, however, Danny is restrained by the Makra, who threaten to kill him if she doesn't surrender. Lara complies.

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  • Lara's appearance on the cover is very reminiscent of how Lara is dressed in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Coincidentally, the cover was made by the director of the game, Brian Horton.