"Help you?!"
―The Scavenger while grabbing Lara

The unnamed scavenger is a minor antagonist in Tomb Raider. He was a survivor on the Yamatai island.

Background Edit

Little is known about his early life and past, expect that he got stranded on the Yamatai and somehow avoid capture from Father Mathias and his men for years. He found an abandon cove and made it his own shelter. He's also been capturing people and wrapping them in a "cocoon" before butchering them.

History Edit

After the shipwreck of the Endurance, the Scavenger showed up then knocked Lara Croft unconscious and brought her to his den where he hanged her up in a cocoon-like bag. The Scavenger later discovered Lara's escape, he chased after her and grabbed a hold of her, but they were separated by a collapse.

Death Edit

When Lara hurries to escape the den while it starts too collapse from the inside. The Scavenger appears once again and grabs her by the leg as she manages to break free from his grasp, he is then crushed to death by a falling rock.

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