The shotgun is a frequently occurring weapon in the Tomb Raider series. It has appeared in every main Tomb Raider game up to date.

Original Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider-Tomb Raider Chronicles Edit

The shotgun appears in all games of the original series. It offers massive damage, but severely short range. It needs to be reloaded after every shot, but offers massive firepower. The model in TR1 and 2 closely resembles a Mossberg 500, given the square ejection port on the side. The model in TRIII is a Franchi SPAS-12 with a shortened barrel, which was retextured in TR4 and TR5. However, the shotgun in the last two entries looks inaccurate, due to the seemingly absent pump.

The shotgun fires 6 pellets per shot with random spread applied. Each pellet deals 3 damage, with the exception of TR1's dealing 4, for a maximum of 18 damage per shot, or 24 in TR1. TR4 introduces wideshot shells as a second ammo type, which has double the spread, with the normal ammo having a narrower spread (around that of the pistols) than in previous games to compensate.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Edit

The shotgun in Angel of Darkness takes the form of the V-Packer, based on a Mossberg 500 Cruiser. It comes with 6-shell boxes (PAL version) or 25-pellet (NTSC-US version), having either standard or wideshot shells (the later of which were cut from the final game). It may have been intended to fire all 6 pellets in one shot, prompting a pump to reload like a shotgun should, but likely due to time restraints and rushed development, it remains firing single pellets at a time. Ammo is very common, particularly in the earlier stages of the game. However, it will become useless after Galleries Under Siege, since Lara will be stripped of all of her weapons by Kurtis.

Legend Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider Legend Edit

Lara can find shotguns from fallen enemies; it begins appearing in the second level, Peru - Return to Paraíso. It deals heavy damage at close range, usually killing regular enemies in one hit, but has limited ammo, and is not used much by enemies. It comes with a 5-round capacity, with a maximum of 25 shells. The model is based on a Mossberg 590 Mariner Cruiser.


Tomb Raider Anniversary Edit

The shotgun returns to match its counterpart in the original. it has an 8-round tubular magazine, and a max ammo capacity of 40. It can be found as a Secret behind the second waterfall in The Lost Valley. If not obtained there, Lara will still take it from Larson after the Tomb of Qualopec. It can be reacquired in Natla's Mines after the fight with Larson.

Tomb Raider Underworld Edit

Tru shotgun


Lara has access to a GN Tactical Shotgun as a selectable weapon in her inventory from the start of the game. Ammo is restocked only between levels. Depending on the difficulty, the given ammo capacity is between 42, 72 and 90 shells. It is more effective than other shotguns in the series, though it is still more powerful at long ranges. This model is based on the FN TPS.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Edit

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Edit

Survivor Timeline Edit

Combat Shotgun

Tomb Raider Edit

Lara acquires a wartime trench shotgun, exposed to the elements in a chasm along the monastery. It can be upgraded to a Pump-Action Shotgun, and later a Combat Shotgun, when sufficient shotgun parts are found. Each new model offers additional upgrades. The shotgun has the added function of destroying wooden barriers.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Full Choke Trench Gun 400 Adds an alternate fire mode which concentrates the cone of pellets and gives them longer range.
Barrel Shroud Trench Gun 325 Slotted barrel shroud improves gun handling for increased damage.
Polished Bolt Trench Gun 300 Faster cycle rate between shots improves firing rate.
Padded Grip Trench Gun 300 Padded front grip helps steady the weapon for reduced weapon kick.
Incendiary Shells Pump-Action Shotgun 400 Modified barrel tip applies ignitable fuel to outgoing pellets.
Wrapped Stock Pump-Action Shotgun 300 Padded Grip required. Wrapped folding stock further steadies the weapon while firing.
Shell Mag Pump-Action Shotgun 350 Removes need to load shells individually for faster reloading.
Modified Receiver Combat Shotgun 325 Barrel Shroud required. Tuned mechanics improve performance for additional damage.
Drum Mag Combat Shotgun 400 Shell Mag required. Improves reload speed and doubles magazine size to 12.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

Shotguns Edit

ROTTR Break-Action Shotgun

Retooling the Tomb Raider 2013 version from a mere infantry commonplace projectile weapon into a genuine "incendiary weapon" (the United Nations has designated "dragon-breath" shotguns thusly) through the key "Incendiary Shells" upgrade indeed increases its deadliness, almost qualitatively, and militarily outclassed enemy combatants react accordingly.

Pump-action Shotgun: Always useful, this balanced weapon should be in any arsenal. Obtained in a mission.

Break-action Shotgun: When stopping power is key, this is the gun of choice. Obtainable from Lockboxes.

Tactical Shotgun: Smooth and steady firing with plenty of power. Obtainable from a vendor for 140 Byzantine Coins.

Full-auto Shotgun: A powerhouse that deals damage at high speed. Obtainable from Lockboxes.

Thunderclap: Gilded break-action shotgun that deals heavy damage and isn't quiet about it. Obtainable after completing the game 100%.

Harbringer: Modified full auto shotgun that announces judgement is coming.

Voidhammer: Break-action shotgun with legendary stopping power. Can only be wielded by those that are worthy. Obtainable after rescuing 8 prisoners in Cold Darkness Awakened.


Shotgun Spreader Choke - Narrows shot spread to mimic shotgun slug. Rewarded for completing "Misguided Intelligence" mission.

Ammo Edit

Dragonfire Shells - Incendiary shotgun shells that ignite burnables and unarmored enemies. Crafting costs 5 shotgun shells, 2 magnesite ore, 1 oil.


Upgrade Unlock Cost Effect
Custom Forcing Cone All shotguns 16 (20) salvage A forcing cone produces more concentrated shot patterns for increased damage.
Rapid Fire Modification All pump-action and tactical shotguns 10 (12) salvage
5 (5) technical parts
Rapid fire mod increases the cycling speed of each shot into the chamber for faster firing.
Padded Grip All shotguns 16 (20) hide
1 (1) exotic hide
A more comfortable grip means less overexertion while firing for less recoil.
Barrel Shroud All shotguns 3 (4) hide
15 (18) salvage
Metal sheathing protects the user from a heated barrel, allowing for faster reloading.
Tube Magazine Extender All pump-action and tactical shotguns 19 (23) salvage More shells can be held in a tube mag for increased ammo capacity between reloads.
Custom Trigger All shotguns except full auto 10 (12) salvage
7 (7) mechanical parts
Crafting Tool required.
Extra trigger sensitivity allows for easier and faster firing.
Modified Ejector All shotguns except break-action 11 (13) salvage
9 (9) technical parts
Crafting Tool required.
Clean ejecting of shells reduces jams for faster reloading.
Extended Magazine All full auto shotguns 13 (15) salvage
8 (8) technical parts
Crafting Tool required.
A larger magazine allows more shots to be fired before the need to reload.
Wrapped Grip All break-action shotguns. 18 (22) cloth
1 (1) exotic hide
Crafting Tool; Barrel Shroud required.
Improve grip on weapon, reducing recoil.
Back-Bored Barrel All shotguns 15 (18) oil
6 (8) salvage
Enhancement Tool required.
Wider barrel diameter means more shot can be loaded for increased damage.
Improved Feeder All full auto shotguns 10 (12) salvage
10 (10) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required.
Refined feeder mechanism means less jamming for a higher rate of fire.
Large Drum Magazine All full auto shotguns 15 (18) salvage
9 (9) technical parts
Enhancement Tool; Extended Magazine required.
A large capacity drum significantly increases shot capacity between reloads.
Forced Ejector Mod All break-action shotguns 13 (15) salvage
10 (10) technical parts
Enhancement Tool required.
Shells are forcibly ejected from the barrel when opened, speeding reload times.
Muzzle Weight All pump and break-action shotguns 12 (14) hide
10 (12) salvage
Enhancement Tool; Barrel Shroud required.
Weighted muzzle stabilizes the weapon when firing, reducing recoil.
Vented Barrel All tactical shotguns 10 (12) hide
12 (14) salvage
Enhancement Tool required.
Redirects gases released when firing to counter recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel.
Drum Magazine All tactical shotguns 15 (18) salvage
9 (9) technical parts
Enhancement Tool; Tube Magazine Extender required.
A large capacity drum significantly increases shot capacity between reloads.
Auto Load Modification All pump-action shotguns 15 (18) oil
10 (12) salvage
2 (2) technical parts
Refinement Tool required.
Precision mod increases the speed with which shells can be reloaded.
Pump Grip All pump-action shotguns 6 (8) hide
20 (24) salvage
Refinement Tool required.
A custom-fit pump handle allows for a more natural hold and decreases recoil.
Lubricated Hinge All break-action shotguns 12 (13) oil
13 (15) salvage
2 (2) boar fat
Refinement Tool; Forced Ejector Mod required.
Smoother break-action motion improves reload speed with quicker access to shells.
Balanced Stock All break-action shotguns 8 (10) wood
15 (18) hide
3 (3) technical parts
Refinement Tool; Lubricated Hinge required.
Adjusted stock design balances gun weight for increased recoil stability.
Ghost Ring Sight All tactical shotguns 20 (24) salvage
3 (3) technical parts
Refinement Tool required.
Makeshift sight allows for better aiming and thus, a higher rate of fire.
Quick Release Drum All full auto shotguns 20 (24) salvage
2 (2) chromite ore
5 (5) technical parts
Refinement Tool; Large Drum Magazine required.
A modified drum means quicker switching of ammo magazines and higher reload speeds.
  • (x) = Survivor Cost

Trivia Edit

  • The shotgun, as it appeared in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II, featured in earlier versions of Tomb Raider III (such as the demo of it that came with Pandemonium) until its appearance was changed to what is in Tomb Raider III now.
  • In an earlier version of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, the shotgun in the inventory looks different to how it does in gameplay. In gameplay, it looks like the Tomb Raider III shotgun. The inventory one also appears to have a Flashlight on it. Perhaps Lara was to have used the shotgun as a light source as well as a weapon.