For the character who appears in Tomb Raider: Anniversary, see Jerome Johnson

The Skater Boy was one of Jacqueline Natla's henchmen.

Tomb Raider Edit

He, along with Bald Man and the Cowboy, ambushed Lara Croft in Egypt and took her weapons and the Scion.

Later, Lara encounters him in Natla's Mines. He ambushes, Lara in a large ramped area, though Lara defeats him and takes his Uzis.


In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb RaiderEdit


Tomb RaiderEdit

In Natla's Yacht

  • "What?"
  • "Probably just a fish."
  • "Man, you have got to learn to chill! I'm going back inside. You coming?"
  • "Here she goes!"

Attacking Lara

  • "You firin' at me? You firin' at me? There ain't nobody else so you must be firin' at me!"


  • Just like the Bald Man, and the Cowboy, he is never named in game.
    • In the level file for Natla's Mines, he is called 'Skateboard Kid'.
    • In Tomb Raider: Anniversary, he is given the name, Jerome "The Kid" Johnson.
  • The Kid's skateboard does not return for Tomb Raider: Anniversary.



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