Lara's adventure begins.

Snow is the third scene and FMV of Tomb Raider: Featuring Lara Croft.


Lara, having been hired by Jacqueline Natla of Natla Technologies to recover an artefact, sets out for the Andes in Peru with a man, Carlos, to guide her through the mountain range to the entrance to some caves. Upon activating the opening mechanism of two large doors, the doors begin to slowly slide open while Lara is left at the top with the opening mechanism. As Carlos stares into the darkness, pairs of eyes appear. Wolves. Carlos attempts to flee but the wolves catch up with him easily and gnaw him to death. Lara drops down from above, drawing her Dual Pistols. She dispatches the wolves and checks Carlos' body. He is dead. Lara continues into the mountain caves as the large stone doors slam shut behind her.

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  • The FMV is named "Snow" within the disc of the game on the PC and PlayStation.

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