Lara with Spear Gun

The Spear Gun is a recurring weapon in the Tomb Raider series. It appears in games that have multiple aquatic levels.

Original Timeline Edit


Harpoon Gun (TR2-TR3)

TR II - Harpoon Gun

Harpoon in TR2 inventory

Tomb Raider II - Tomb Raider III The Spear Gun appears as the "Harpoon Gun" and is the weakest weapon in both Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III. It's useless out of the water but is the only gun that Lara can use while swimming. Usually it's best to just avoid enemies when underwater because if the player uses this weapon, inevitably it will be just a waste of health and oxygen. There is plentiful ammo for it but is recommended to just leave it in the inventory.

Firepower: 2/10

Firing rate: Average, but after four shots it has to be reloaded.

Legend Timeline Edit

Spear Gun

Tomb Raider Underworld Edit

The Spear Gun returns for the first time since Tomb Raider III. It is more powerful and reloads faster, using a pump action than the previous spear guns in the series.

However, Lara's Pistols and Mjolnir can both be used underwater, which are far more viable options, since they can shoot faster and are more powerful respectively. as well as having unlimited ammunition.


  • After beating the game once on both games and unlocking infinite ammo, the Harpoon Gun will change to an even smaller clip size of only one shot, and because of that, it's recommended again to just leave it in the inventory.