Spear of Destiny is an ancient Christian artefact infused with tremendous powers after it was used to pierce the dead body of Jesus Christ. Also one of the most dangerous artefacts in history, it was responsible for the destruction of two submarines before being finally left to its slumber at the bottom of the Russian Sea.

Background Edit

According to legend, the spear was originally an ordinary spear until the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. After Jesus perished on the cross, the Roman centurion Longinus was tasked with making sure he was dead. When Longinus pierced Jesus's side with his spear, blood and water gushed out, and the spear head gained incredible and destructive powers as a result of absorbing his blood.

However, while the Spear was one of the most powerful artefacts in Christendom, it was also the most volatile. Any attempt to misuse its power would end in catastrophe, as the Nazis learned to their sorrow during World War II. Having somehow located the Spear head, they attempted to transport the artefact to Germany so Hitler could use its powers to win the war. As they were passing through the waters of Russia, unfortunately, something went horribly wrong and the Spear turned on the crewmen. When the crewman attempted to fire on the artefact, their bullets were deflected back at them, ultimately causing the sinking of the vessel and the deaths of all fifty two men on board.

The Second Submarine Incident Edit

The Spear of Destiny rested inside the remains of the U-Boat for more than half a century, until the Mafioso Sergei Mikhailov decided to seek out the artefact to achieve world domination. To that end, he bribed Admiral Yarofev and his crew to take their submarine down to the wreck and retrieve its cargo. Also seeking the artefact, however, was the adventurer Lara Croft, who stowed away on the submarine as it travelled down to the ocean floor. She acquired a deep sea diving suit and swam down to the wreck, where she found the Spear head still in the crate the Nazis had stored it in.

Upon returning to the submarine, Lara was confronted by Sergei and his goons, who demanded the artefact. Well aware of the Spear's destructive nature after what it had done to the U-Boat, Lara warned him that he would regret trying to harness its power. Sergei arrogantly ignored her warning and ordered his men to eject her into the ocean after forcing Lara to hand him the artefact. Sergei was admiring the Spear head in his hand as Lara was being escorted from the room when the artefact suddenly turned on him, seizing him in a red electric aura before destroying him in an explosion that scuttled the submarine.

In the vessel's final moments, a streak of white light was seen crossing the floor and approaching the mortally wounded Admiral Yarofev, who had stayed behind to help Lara escape in the lifeboat. The Admiral stared in terror as the power of the Spear of Destiny reached him, and the submarine was completely obliterated in the ensuing explosion.

Becoming the only survivor of the incident, Lara never attempted to retrieve the artefact again, having seen enough to realise that its best place was where mankind could never again misuse it.