Storage Packs are used by Lara Croft to carry cumbersome and bulky items, such as keys, weapons and ammunition,.

Original Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider-Tomb Raider Chronicles Edit

Tomb Raider Classic Backpack

In all games, Lara carries her trademark leather Back Pack, which acts as the inventory system for the game. The Backpack is made of sturdy Leather. Lara acquired it in Angor Wat, Cambodia, where she took it from a skeleton.

It functions as a "Magic Satchel" which is a common concept within early gaming and is still prevalent in the Action RPG genre. It is quite small, though for the purposes of gameplay, it has a limitless storage capacity and doesn't weigh Lara down.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness Edit

In Angel of Darkness Lara has a new backpack. It functions the same as the old one, however it has a limited carry capacity for ammunition.

Legend Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider: Legend Edit

Legend Back Pack

Lara once again carries her backpack, however it has a much more realistic carry limit (With the exception of Pistol Ammo.) And can only have one long gun, strapped to the outside of it, with a maximum ammo capacity for each weapon.

Ammo Limits Edit

  • MG415 SMG: 120
  • RC650 Assault Rifle: 150
  • Shotgun: 25
  • Grenade Launcher: 15
Anniversary Backpack

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edit

Lara's backpack functions much more like her original Backpack, although it once again has a carry limit on how much ammunition it can stock for all weapons except for her pistols.

Ammo Limits Edit

  • Shotgun: 40 Shell
  • .50 Caliber Pistol: 150 Rounds
  • Micro Uzi: 250 Rounds

Tomb Raider: Underworld Edit

Underworld Backpack
Lara's Backpack is more akin to it's classic, being able to carry all of Lara's weapons at once, and a large amount of ammunition for each of them. However Underworld doesn't have any ammo pickups available, so whatever ammunition is available for each weapon, is all that can be used, and will not be replenished to until the next level. The Ammo Limits are affected by the difficulty setting.

Ammo Limits: Edit


  • Submachine Guns: 400/240/160
  • Shotgun: 90/72/42
  • Assault Rifle: 300/210/120
  • Tranquilizer 25/15/10
  • Spear Guns: 40/25/15

Survivor Timeline Edit

Tomb Raider Edit

Lara carries most of her ammunition in her pockets, early in the game, with the exception of her arrows which she keeps in her quiver.

With the correct skills purchased, Lara will be able to carry more ammo, by making better use of the space in her pockets, and will also add two storage pouches to the back of her belt, and allow her to increase the number of arrows she can hold in her quiver.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Edit

ROTTR Storage Packs

There is a much more complex carry capacity system, as certain packs will only carry certain items, with larger versions that can carry a larger amount able to be crafted at base camps.

Storing Resources:

  • Satchel - Crafted with 5 (?) cloth, 15 (?) hides
  • Rucksack - Crafted with 9 (?) cloth, 20 (?) hides, 1 (?) bear hide


  • Hunter's Quiver - Crafted with 10 (?) cloth, 4 (?) hardwood, 1 (?) exotic hides
  • Adventurer's Quiver - Crafted with 13 (?) cloth, 15 (?) hides, 1 (?) bear hide
  • Ancient Quiver - Obtained in a Tomb, and crafted with 12 (?) hides, 5 (?) exotic hides, 1 (?) bear hide

Storing Ammo:

  • Stock-Mounted Shell Holder - 10 (?) hides, 5 (?) technical parts, 1 (?) exotic hide
  • Shotgun Shell Bandolier - 9 (?) cloth, 20 (?) hides, 2 (?) exotic hides
  • Rifle Ammo Pouch - 10 (?) cloth, 2 (?) exotic hides
  • Large Rifle Ammo Pouch - 19 (?) cloth, 10 (?) hides, 1 (?) bear hides
  • Pistol Ammo Pouch - 10 (?) cloth, 1 (?) exotic hides
  • Large Pistol Ammo Pouch - 6 (?) cloth, 12 (?) hides, 1 (?) bear hides

Storing Oil:

  • Small Oil Flask - Obtained in Geothermal Valley
  • Large Oil Flask - Crafted with 12 (?) Hides, 1 (?) Bear Hides, 2 (?) Boar Fat