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A Stormguard warrior on guard duty.

Stormguard (also known as Oni) are first seen in the Tomb Raider (2013) video game, an organization of samurai who are sworn to serve and protect the Sun Queen of Yamatai, even after her soul was trapped in a decaying body. Legend has it, the Sun Queen was able to conquer the lands of Yamatai thanks to her Stormguard, who were unmatched in combat. Using the Sun Queen's power over the sun and rain, she would raise up a mighty storm that the Stormguard would ride upon to destroy their enemy. Before the ceremony to transfer Himiko's soul into another, more suitable body, they were planning to cross the ocean to touch and conquer all lands.

The Stormguard General was their leader until he committed seppuku upon the death of the Sun Queen's bodily successor. Upon Lara's arrival, the Stormguard Stalker appeared to be the leader, as he was seen at the head of the Stormguards when preparing for battle, sending guards after Lara when she was detected, and he would howl an unearthly roar to signal a new wave of Stormguards to fight Lara.

Clad in medieval samurai armor, these humanoids seem to be hostile to every outsider, including the mysterious man known as Mathias, and his cultists, the Solarii. Oddly they did not immediately attack Whitman, and only did so when he said the word "Joō." (Japanese for "Queen".)


  • Overhearing conversations of the Solarii when traveling to and from the temple, they would comment on that the Stormguards would eat the survivors and rape the women to keep their numbers strong.
  • After capturing Lara, the Stormguard Stalker left her dangling in the roof by a beam in the food larder, showing what they did to survivors on the island, as she was surrounded by seemingly hundreds of bodies.
  • It is also mentioned in the documents found on the island that, "The Oni are killing my brothers, eating them, consuming their souls, the screaming, the blood".
  • Oni means Demon in Japanese (鬼)


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