Survivor's Guilt is the first issue in the run of Dark Horse's Tomb Raider Comic Series.

It continues Lara's story in the aftermath of the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider series.

Plot Edit

Lara is being chased by unseen gunmen in a forest, with no other alternative she jumps from a cliff to try get away from them, managing to catch the wing of a crashed plane with her climbing ax, only to be confronted by the spectres of Roth, Grim and Alex, who Lara is horrified to see, since she knows they are dead, they claim they want her to stay with them, Lara attempts to fight them off, Roth wraps her in a hug, and drops off the wing, dragging Lara with him.

Lara awakes, haunted by the memories of Yamatai, she makes herself some tea and looks over photos of her lost friends. Lara hears Sam call out and rushes to her, finding her lying on the floor. Lara helps Sam and notices a bruise in the shape of a hand on her arm. Sam claims that she was sleepwalking and banged her arm against the dresser. Lara asks Sam if she's been dreaming of Yamatai, Sam denies that she is and snaps at Lara when she presses the issue, and goes back to bed. Lara receives a call from Jonah, asking for her help.

Lara travels to Devil's Pass, where Jonah has taken up residence in a trailer. She is taken there by a local tour guide named Ray. When she reaches Jonah, he is deranged is violent, and draws a gun on Lara, claiming that he believes he will be eaten by a whale, and that he believes he might be the Jonah from Moby Dick. He then tells Lara that they stole from Yamatai, four pieces to build his house, four guardians, and each guardian would bare a calamity. He then attempts to shoot himself, however before he can pull the trigger, the first calamity occours, water over earth, as a massive wave washes the trailer away, Jonah regains his senses and apologises to Lara, and forces her out, despite her protests. Lara jumps to a rock formation before the trailer crashes into another one causing it to explode, before sinking below the surface.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Tomb Raider comic to be released since the final issue is the Top Cow was published in 2005.

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