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Knights Templar

Templar Knights are enemies in the Tomb Raider Series. They were used by Set to prevent Lara moving deeper into the Citadel of Cairo.


The Templar Knights are undead knights. They have a tattered, dull grey/blue appearance. They have red glowing eyes and when shot, they emit dust clouds. They wear helmets, armour on their arms and torso, long boots and hold swords and shields.


The Templar Knights are invincible, having been raised from the dead by Set. The only thing that can be done is to run from them, or avoid them. Being slow, this can be done easily. The first set of Knights Templar encountered are needed to break support beams down to get deeper into the Citadel.


In the Citadel of Cairo, these Templar Knights were exploring when they died. Many years later, after Lara Croft had accidentally resurrected Set, he used their corpses as soldiers by re-animating them. He did the same with many mummies and skeletons in Egypt.


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