Terry Sheridan is a supporting protagonist and antagonist in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life portrayed by Gerard Butler.


Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of LifeEdit

Terry Sheridan was an ex royal marines commando and former acquaintance of Lara Croft's in her exploits who had ties with the Shay Ling Hong Kong Crime Syndicate run by Chen Lo.

He betrayed the secret service and became a ruthless aggressive mercenary auctioning off some of Lara's and American Army's findings. As a result he was arrested and imprisoned in Barla Kala Prison Kazakhstan where he was to carry out a life sentence.

He was however released on demand of Lara Croft, who needed Terry's connections to Shay Ling to retrieve the Mati. Terry was not allowed any weapons of any kind in accompanying Lara to Shanghai to steal back Mati. Terry and Lara learn that the Mati is in Shanghai waiting to be picked up by Jonathan Reiss. They tried stopping getting Reiss the orb, but failed. Fortunately, Lara managed to get a tracer on the box. After learning the location to be Hong Kong, they infiltrate Reiss' bio lab, and steal back Mati, and escape by jumping off the roof with Wingsuits. Lara however distrust Terry and handcuffs him to a bed, while she moves forward.

Eventually Terry traces Lara's steps and learn that she went to Tanzania. He follows her and rescues kidnapped Bryce and Hillary. Bryce then used the helicopter to fly Terry up the Mountain of God and drop Terry into the Cradle of Life. Terry found the Pandora's Box, while Lara and Reiss were hunting each other in the caverns, and pulled it out of it's acidic liquid. Terry and Lara had a disagreement over the box, Terry wanted to keep the box and sell it for a fortune. Terry was confident that Lara would not be able to stop him, but he overestimated Lara's love for him, as she shot him in the chest, and left him for dead in the Cradle of Life.