The Damned in Aldwych level

The Damned are Lara's enemies then allies in Tomb Raider III. They are seen in London.


Many years ago, a Geordie man called Bob and a few of his friends came to London looking for work. Sophia Leigh the head of a cosmetics company SL Incorporated sent out an advertisement for a lab assistant with unnecessary experience, good wages and accommodation.

They applied but Sophia's true intentions were to use them as lab rats for her experiments on immortality and everlasting beauty.

She placed them in floatation tanks and gave them a very dangerous serum that disfigured and removed most of the flesh from their faces.

Sophia experimented on herself but only with the best results.

She disposed of them into the sewers and abandoned subway stations of London. With their lives ruined, Bob and the others wore hoods and metal masks to cover their faces calling themselves "The Damned".

They tried to commit suicide several times, but the effects of the experiments made it impossible.

Bob became their leader and was possibly the first to be used in the deranged Sophia's experiments and placed many guards around certain areas below the city.

Tomb Raider IIIEdit

Lara Croft goes to London to find "The Eye of Isis" meteorite artifact. When she explores the abandoned subway station Aldwych, she bumps into several of the Damned and kills them.

Later she falls down a giant hatch opening where one of the guards take her to Bob.

Bob tells Lara his story and says that he will help her if she brings back some "Embalming Fluid" from the Natural History Museum. Lara agrees.

After she brings back the fluid, a secret door in Bob's lair opens giving Lara a route to see Sophia herself.

Sophia was shocked to hear that her human experiments were still alive.