Documents - Scroll 3

The Hunter refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are six total The Hunter documents in the game.

In The TombEdit

I have learned all I can from the carnage inside the Prophet's Tomb. My brothers were slain, to the last man, sometime within the last few days. The false Prophet's followers died here by the hundreds, but in the end, they were victorious.

I have sealed the Tomb as best I can, and told men of nearby village that the Prophet is at last dead. I left them with subtle threat that this place should remain hidden. I do not know if the Prophet survived, but I will follow their trail.

No one escapes the Order of Trinity.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Order of Trinity sent a Tracker to follow the Prophet...

On The BorderlandsEdit

The Prophet and his followers have been travelling under cover of night, a crooked trail around the border of the Eastern Empire. I do not know where they are headed, and I suspect they do not either. But they know we will not let them rest until his heresy is purged.

The common folk of the borderlands give him shelter, and I find it curious that none who have aided him will tell me anything of use. Even when I threaten them with the wrath of Trinity, or touch the edge of a knife to their throats, they stay silent. They die, never betraying what they know. The Prophet has a curious sway over people.

All the more reason he must be silenced.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Tracker pursued the Prophet to the edge of the Empire...

Northern PassageEdit

The fugitive Prophet has crossed out of the Empire, and now turns North.

I am now in unfamiliar territory. The order of Trinity was clear: I am to pursue the False Prophet and his adherents to the ends of the earth, and wash away his heresy, but I believed I could overtake him months ago. Still he eludes me.

He crosses Khazar land, and across the Caucasus Mountains. Here I am at a disadvantage. I speak a dozen tongues of the Empire, but in the hinterlands, I am often left to communicate with little more than a sword. The Prophet, it seems, speaks every language, as if he were born to them.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Tracker followed the Prophet into unfamiliar lands...

Shores of SvetloyarEdit

Ha has passed through the lands of the Rus.

I cannot shake the feeling that he is taunting me, waiting until I am a day's ride away before moving on. I will not be home before the winter, as I hoped. I have stopped at a small village by a glassy lake they call Svetloyar.

The Prophet spoke here, and now the villagers refuse me lodging. I slept on the banks of the lake, where a young man, bearing a crude version of the Prophet's Icon, tried to kill me as I dozed. I made an example of him, and now the people fix me with the evil eye, spit at me as I pass. I must move on soon. His sickness spreads.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Tracker met resistance from those the Prophet spoke with...

The Frozen WastesEdit

The madman continues on. I do not know what drives him.

We pass through frozen mountains at the edge of the world. His people are dying. Every day I pass graves or bodies left along the faint trail. I have grown thin and hard, but I am close now. My horse is dead, the mare that had been with me since the campaigns against the Bulgars. I butchered her and carry the meat on my back. But I am so close.

I can hear them singing just over the ridge. A joyous sound on the wind. The Prophet will be dead within the week, and I will return to the Order of Trinity triumphant. Just one more day, and I will be upon him.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Tracker found his quarry deep in the northern mountains...

A Broken ManEdit

I thought I had died.

The cold gnawed at me and I grew weak, even as I saw the Prophet's people camped on the ridge of a strange, green valley. One foot after the other, sword in hand, I trudged on. I meant to charge, a battle cry on my chapped lips, when consciousness fled, and I collapsed into the arms of heretics.

They know who I am. They have been expecting Trinity. They do not have much, but they fed me, kept me warm until I could walk again. The Prophet told me I could leave whenever I desire, but they have taken my blades. Even armed... I do not know that I could kill this man.

I have failed the Order. I have failed myself. But I live.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Tracker failed to kill the Prophet, but was left alive. The Prophet showed mercy, even to those that would do him harm.