Documents - Scroll 1

The Prophet's Trail refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are four total The Prophet's Trail documents in the game.

The Bishop: Word From RomeEdit

My Son,

The Order of Trinity has received word that the Prophet's followers are building a great tomb at an oasis outside of Beroea. But more upsetting... while we thought they were building the tomb for their Prophet, Trinity now believes he still lives.

We have learned he is preaching his heresy among the local citizens, drawing more to him daily with tales of how he conquered death. He is a liar and a heretic, claiming miracles that come only from the Divine.

You swore that he was dead. Have you failed us?

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

An ancient message from the Leaders of the Order of Trinity. They tracked the Prophet and his followers to this place.

The Knight: Death of the ProphetEdit

My Lord,

What you say is impossible. I myself drove a spear into the Prophet's heart. I saw him die.

Doubtless his people have propped another man up in the slain Prophet's robe to continue his lies. They are broken, discredited, and exiled. We will head south and put the rest of his people to the sword, but the Prophet is dead.

This, I swear.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

A Knight of Trinity followed the trail with the intent of wiping out the rest of the Prophet's followers. They wanted no evidence to remain...

The Knight: On The TrailEdit

My Lord,

I ride at the head a small army of the faithful, armed and ready, and I have good news: we have located the Tomb of the Prophet. We were attacked by madmen upon the road, wearing the Prophet's livery, but they were easily bested.

We allowed one to flee, and followed him back to the Oasis. Whether the Prophet escaped death, or whether another now wears his mantle, it does not matter. All will perish inside, and it will become a Tomb at last.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

They found the Prophet's followers, and planned to kill them all... What was so dangerous about the Prophet?

The Knight: At The GatesEdit

My Lord,

The last remnants of the Prophet's followers have barricaded themselves inside his Tomb. We have made camp at the entrance, and we are preparing to break through their barricades. I saw the man claiming to be the Prophet, before they sealed the gates, and I admit, he bears a striking resemblance. But it could not be.

No matter. They will all be dead before sunrise. The Order of Trinity will see that his heresy ends here.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

They were confident that they could end the Prophet's influence, but clearly it didn't go as they had planned...