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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a re-release of Tomb Raider, developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square-Enix for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. The game is optimized for next-gen consoles, with the help of outside developers including United Front Games and Nixxes Software.

Definitive Edition includes several visual and game play enhancements, and is packaged with all available downloadable content for the game. The game was released on January 28th, 2014.

Plot Edit

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Lara Croft is stranded on a mysterious island while searching for the Lost Kingdom of Yamatai, and is soon accosted by a group of bandits living on the island.

Lara must fight for her very life, in a desperate struggle to learn the secrets of the island, and become a true survivor.

Differences from Original versionEdit

Tomb Raider: Definition Edition has improved upon many visual and game play elements. The game runs in native 1080p resolution for both consoles. AMD's TressFX technology is utilized, helping to improve the realistic effects to the hair of Lara Croft. The Playstation 4 version supports Remote Play via Playstation Vita. The Dualshock 4's light bar changes color depending on game play scenarios. The Xbox One's Kinnect allows players to use voice controls to change weapons/attachments, as well as navigate menus, and change camera angles at some points. On the Playstation 4 version, the frame-rate has also been increased to 60 frames per/second, while the Xbox One version runs at a stable 30 frames.

Included with the game are digital versions of the Tomb Raider comic, created by Dark Horse, along with a mini-art book from Brady Games. The Final Hours developer videos are also included.

Sales Edit

Tomb Raider The Definitive Edition sold 1 Million copies in it's first week, with 69% of sales being on PlayStation 4, the other 31% being on Xbox One [1]

Overall, the Definitive Edition has helped pushed sales for the game to 8.5 Million.


  • This version shares a cover with the Game of the Year edition of the previous generation version of the game.

References Edit

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