Tomb Raider: Escape The Tomb is a browser game promoting the new Tomb Raider movie.


You've deciphered the clues left by your father and uncovered the entrance to the tomb.

Now, you must locate the Missing Artifact to complete your mission and earn the right to call a tomb raider.


The game consists of four timed puzzles, one shooting section, and bonus artifact revealing stage.

Rotate to Align the Tablet Edit

Three circles must be aligned to complete a picture. Time limit is 15 seconds.

Click to Unlock All Sun Emblems Edit

On a board of 3x2 there are six symbols, either the moon or the sun, the player must cover the board with sun symbols. Time limit is 15 seconds.

Connect the Energy Nodes Edit

The player must connect the energy flow with pipes on a 5x7 board. Time limit is 25 seconds.

Balance the Weights Edit

The player must match the weight of the statue by selecting the correct ones out of 4 different weights. Time limit is 15 seconds.

Click the Fireballs to Shoot Them Edit

Player must click the fireballs that fly towards Lara, if one of them hits, it's game over.

Click to Collect the TreasureEdit

Bonus level, where the player has to click on the box to revel the missing Artifact. Time limit is 15 seconds.