TR Saga of the Medusa Mask

The Trade Paperback of the first arc of the series.

Tomb Raider (Also known as Tomb Raider: The Series) a comicbook series, based on the video game series of the same name, following the titular Tomb Raider, Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider debuted in 1997 in a crossover with the series, Witchblade.

Tomb Raider later was picked up for it's own series which ran from 1999-2005.

Main Series Edit

The main set of comics encompasses 50 issues which chronicle the various adventures of Lara Croft of Lara Croft's life, and the numerous artifacts she's discovered and her fight to keep them from those who would use their power for nefarious ends.



One Shots Edit

Multiple one shot stories were produced during the Top Cow run:

  • Witchblade & Tomb Raider #1 (Tomb Raider Comic Debut)
  • Tomb Raider & Witchblade & Darkness – Dark Crossings #01 – 02
  • Tomb Raider & Witchblade – Revisited
  • Tomb Raider – Arabian Nights
  • Tomb Raider – Darkness – 01
  • Tomb Raider – Epiphany
  • Tomb Raider – Origins
  • Tomb Raider – Scarface’s Treasure
  • Tomb Raider – Takeover
  • Tomb Raider – The Darkness Special 1
  • Tomb Raider – The Greatest Treasure of All – Prelude
  • Tomb Raider Gallery
  • Witchblade & Tomb Raider #0.5
  • Wizard Special – Tomb Raider7

Journeys Edit

Main Article: Tomb Raider: Journeys

Tomb Raider Journeys is an alternate universe of comics which follows a differenent incarnation of Lara Croft from the main comic series.

Reboot Edit

Main Article: Tomb Raider (Dark Horse Comics)

After the original run of Tomb Raider comics by Top Cow ended in 2005, it was announced that the series would return in 2007, however it was delayed due to licensing issues.

After the 2013 reboot of the video game series, it was announced that Dark Horse would be penning a new series of comics which directly tied into the games, bridging the gaps between games.