Tomb Raider Ascension is a 2007 fan film based on the Tomb Raider video game franchise.



  • Anna Tyrie as Lara Croft
  • Philip Goldacre as Lord Richard Croft
  • Peter Wear as Lord Errol Croft
  • Hugh Hemmings as Winston
  • Jamie Duncombe as Jax
  • Ava Hunt as Amelia Croft
  • Gabriella Higginbottom as Young Lara
  • Ben Goodridge as Doctor Crowley
  • Robert Madeley as Loud Muscle (as Rob Madeley)
  • Adrian Rollinson as Huge Muscle (as Ade Rollinson)
  • Oliver Brooks as Simmons
  • Wayne Russell as Muscle 4
  • Lee Kemberey as Muscle 5
  • Nat Higginbottom as Muscle 6
  • Gregory Aston as Male Waterfall Sightseer
  • Rachel Heard as Female Waterfall Sightseer



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