The Chocolate Box

After so much fame, Lara was on the face of her own chocolate bars. They are produced by a sweet company called True Confections, Inc. Each wrapper featured a different image of Lara Croft and a comment from her about the flavour. Lara's comments were funny to some people but not to others, depending on the image you had of Lara. There were four flavors to choose from: Chocolate, Crispy Chocolate, Caramel and Peanut Butter.

There was a main letter on box that the bars came in when delivered to confectionary stores from Lara herself:

"Those of you that follow my adventures probably can't appreciate the enormous cost involved in sustaining this lifestyle.

Therefore, with considerable reluctance I agreed to allow these 'gentlemen' from the States to use my name and image on their product for the sole purpose of bolstering my travel account.

Only an American could think of something as ridiculous as this...

While it wasn't my first choice for a product endorsement, I must confess to a small weakness for chocolate."

The Four FlavoursEdit

Each of these four flavours had wrapper art from various wallpapers and screensavers with a comment from Lara:

Most people liked the bars while others had mixed feelings on which flavour they preferred. Most of the purchases of the bars were Tomb Raider fans. Even though it wasn't as popular as Lara's sponsorship of Lucozade, this still slightly pushed Lara's celebrity status to another level.