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There are a total of 52 achievements worth 950 points in the iOS version of Tomb Raider II.

Image Name Requirement Points
Blank achievement Welcome to My Home Explore every room in Croft Manor 10
Blank achievement Dash! Complete the assault course 10
Blank achievement Vrrrooooom! Complete the assault course with Lara congratulating you at the end 20
Blank achievement Go for a Dip! Dive into Lara's swimming pool 10
Blank achievement Nice View! Found a secret way to get to the top of Lara's house 10
Blank achievement Frozen! Lock Winston in the freezer 10
Blank achievement Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend! Enter the trophy room 10
Blank achievement Bloodthirsty Kill 3 enemies without dying or taking damage 10
Blank achievement Acrobat Slide down a slope, jump, flip whilst in the air and land without dying 10
Blank achievement Dizzy! Perform a swan dive and whilst in the air perform 2 flips 10
Blank achievement Is There a Doctor Here? Use 3 small medipacks and 1 large medipack 10
Blank achievement Accelerated! Go at full speed on any vehicle for 10 seconds 20
Blank achievement Aha! Find a treasure 10
Blank achievement Bright & Shiny Find 10 treasures 20
Blank achievement Gold! Find all treasures 50
Blank achievement Long Drop Make Lara fall off a ledge and have her screaming for 3 seconds 50
Blank achievement Splash! Perform a swan dive into water 10
Blank achievement Firepower! Kill 10 enemies with the M-16 10
Blank achievement That Looks Painful! Kill 10 enemies with the Harpoon Gun 10
Blank achievement BOOM! Kill 10 enemies with the Grenade Launcher 10
Blank achievement Wide Shot Kill 10 enemies with the Shotgun 10
Blank achievement Quick Burst Kill 10 enemies with the Dual Uzis 10
Blank achievement Full Auto! Kill 10 enemies with the Automatic Pistols 10
Blank achievement I'll Use These Forever Kill 50 enemies with the Dual Pistols 20
Blank achievement Locked and Loaded! Kill every single enemy in the game using only the Dual Pistols 50
Blank achievement Yetis Only Look Fierce Die by a Yeti smashing you against the ground 20
Blank achievement Decapitated Die by getting your head bitten off by the T-Rex 10
Blank achievement Fractured! Break Lara's neck 10
Blank achievement It's a Beast! Kill the Guardian of the Talion 10
Blank achievement You Can't Hurt Me! Kill the Guardian of the Talion without getting hurt 20
Blank achievement That's One Big Lizard! Kill the Dragon 20
Blank achievement Just Don't Burn Me Please Kill the Dragon without him breathing fire on you 50
Blank achievement Mythical Beasts Kill the Guardian of the Talion and the Dragon without getting damaged or using any medipacks 50
Blank achievement Arachnophobia Enter the spider cave and get to the end without killing any spiders 20
Blank achievement 8 Legged Freaks Enter the spider cave and kill all the spiders without obtaining any damage 20
Blank achievement I'm Having a Nightmare! Enter the Yeti room and complete it without getting damaged or killing any Yetis 20
Blank achievement ROAR! Enter the Yeti room and kill all Yetis without getting damaged 20
Blank achievement I Told You to Get Out of My Way Kill an enemy by running over it with the snowmobile 10
Blank achievement I Thought I Lost You! Find all the weapons in Offshore Rig without getting damaged 50
Blank achievement It Burns! Set Lara on fire and jump of a cliff before she dies 10
Blank achievement Suicide Impale Lara 5 times 10
Blank achievement An Unpleasant Death Set Lara on fire then impale her while she is still burning 10
Blank achievement Beautiful China Complete every level in China, completing each level in under 30 minutes 20
Blank achievement I Need a Boat Complete every level in Venice, completing each level in under 30 minutes 20
Blank achievement Let's Take a Dip! Complete every level based underwater, completing each level in under 30 minutes (including Offshore Rig) 20
Blank achievement It's Cold... Too Cold! Complete every level in Tibet, completing each level in under 30 minutes 20
Blank achievement Will You Just Let Me Sleep? Kill all enemies in Home Sweet Home without dying 20
Blank achievement Bed Time! Make Lara die whilst standing on the bed in Home Sweet Home 10
Blank achievement Shall We Dance? Whilst in Home Sweet Home, go into the ballroom, turn on the music and kill all enemies while remaining in the ballroom 10
Blank achievement Where are You? Whilst in Home Sweet Home, run into the maze and kill all the enemies whilst running around the maze 20
Blank achievement I'll Be Safe in Here! During Home Sweet Home, lock yourself in Lara's trophy room so the guards can't get to her 20
Blank achievement Don't You Think You've Seen Enough? Complete Home Sweet Home in under 5 minutes 20

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