Tomb of the Dancing Light

Tomb of the Dancing Light is a tomb from the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.


Tomb of the Dancing Light is a temple in Cambodia where one of the Triangle of Light halves was hidden. It has a great shiva statue at the end of the room holding a vat of liquid, on the floor there are slots for the swords the shiva statue is holding. The lock for The Clock is across the room from the statue, and it's reflection on the floor at the room's center, which can easily mistaken for the real lock, by an untrained eye. Once The Clock is inserted into the lock, a pillar is released which pierces the vat and releases the liquid, a reaction takes place and the liquid turns into a light and releases the half of the Triangle of Light. Stone statues that are all over the room then are animated as a last precaution to safeguard the Triangle of Light's half.


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