Voices of Invasion refer to special collectible Documents found in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are six total Voices of Invasion documents in the game.

The Prize AwaitsEdit

Documents - Mongol 1

For a year I have ridden with an army of Mongols, as envoy from the Order of Trinity. Their Khan is a great warlord, despite his heathen ways. under my influence, I have helped them topple nations, burn cities and kill Princes, all in search of the Prophet. Our slaughter of the Rus was not in vain, for among the spoils, we at last found the map.

And now, this very morning, after a season in the mountains, we saw buildings rising from a green valley surrounded by ice. We have found Kitezh. I tell the Khan of the riches that will be his, and that alone drives him on. But the real victory will be for God, when we purge the Prophet's lies from the earth. And at last, the Divine Source will be ours.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Trinity had an envoy to the Mongol horde, and he led them in search of the Lost City...

Army of the UnwillingEdit

Documents - Mongol 1

We have told the people of the valley city that we will attack at dawn, but we shall advance behind the kharash at moonrise. The captives we kept from the battles in the West will be our shields as we advance.

Few survived the long march across the mountains, but those that live will serve their purpose to the Horde. The city sparkles, a gift not yet given. We will take what is ours and march home with our spoils.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The Mongols used armies of prisoners as their frontline... An efficient, horrific strategy...

Fire on the HorizonEdit

Documents - Scroll 1

I have never felt such terror. Tonight, the armies of the Mongol Horde camp at the edge of the valley, ready to strike at the heart of Kitezh.

We have the Alchemists' Fire at ready to set the invaders alight. Every man and woman who can wield a weapon will fight. We will do all we can to support the Athanatoi. But I have never seen bloodshed. None of us mere citizens have.

I have never taken a life, and now that I must, I fear for my resolve.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Every citizen of the city had to take up arms... I can't imagine the terror they must of felt.

The Greater GoodEdit

Documents - Mongol 1

Trinity has twice before sent great men seeking the prophet's path, and twice before they have vanished. He carried The Divine Source out of the Empire, but it was not his to take. That blasphemy taints everything while his descendants still live, so Trinity must try again.

I have done ungodly things, committed terrible sins against the innocent, just to reach this place, to retrieve the Divine Source. I know God will forgive, for what I do, I do for greater good.

Now, the end is in sight. I need only survive this final battle, and Trinity's work will be done.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Trinity's Envoy among the Mongols... he did all this, just to find the Prophet.

Lights in the DarkEdit

Documents - Mongol 1

General, we observed something strange in the night. We are camped above the city of Kitezh as the city prepares for invasion. They still believe the attack will come from on high, they will not expect your charge from the pass on the far side of the valley. But I must tell you, on the tower at the heart of the city, something unnatural awaits us.

We watched hundreds of armored soldiers ascend it's heights, and then, a light cracked the sky. There was a sound that froze my blood, a roaring like an army of hungry ghosts. Then the men descended again. I do not know what they keep atop that tower. We thought it treasure, but it appears to be something else entirely.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

Something happened, just before the invasion began... The Prophet's army became something more...

Safe PassageEdit

Documents - Scroll 1

We have sealed the doors, and barred them from entry. The riders are coming, and I must keep these people safe.

Mothers with children, old men like me. Those that cannot fight. I have food and water in sufficient quantities to keep us alive for the length of the attack. Should our Athanatoi fail, and the attack becomes a siege, we will die here. For that, I have enough belladonna to provide the little ones with safe passage.

Pray it never comes to that.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

An old man tried to keep his neighbors safe, even as he prepared for the worst.