Wartime Intelligence documents are unique Documents found in Tomb Raider. There are six Wartime Intelligence Documents in the entire game, each is accompanied by a piece of text, viewable below.

Soldier: Oni StalkersEdit

It... it happened again. Private Kosuke. He was on gate duty last night. No one heard anything. And this morning, they found his helmet... nothing else. Not racks of his leaving, no blood, no shell casings, nothing!

The others are talking about Chinese partisans, maybe even American G.I.'s. Damned fools! They have no idea what's happening here. It is the Oni who stalk us. The restless, evil spirits, they live in the old places of this island. We are trespassers here, and they are watching us, waiting.

All these wrecks, the ruins... this entire island is a graveyard. It's only a matter of time, the Oni will come for us.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

From the diary of a soldier. He mentions Oni, demons from Japanese folklore. What could it have really been?

Scientist: In Search of the StarEdit

Our coastal base has been attacked by unknown assailants. We suspect the Americans have arrived and are attempting to sabotage our operations. Communications have been disrupted across the island and we’ve sustained heavy losses. Many of our soldiers have simply disappeared.

All remaining personnel are proceeding to the ancient monastery to ensure control of the weather phenomenon. We expect to meet heavy resistance en-route. Request reinforcement as soon as possible.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

They headed inland, to the monastery, but I don’t think they succeeded in their mission.

Scientist: Secret of the IslandEdit

Months of excavation has at last yielded new information concerning the weather patterns gripping this island. The tomb of an important general dating from the Kamakura period was discovered in our coastal dig site.

This discovery is the missing piece of the puzzle. It will allow us to finally gain control of the storm.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

They found something in the cliffs… an old tomb. I might find answers there.

Soldier: AwakeningEdit

Soon after we discovered the tomb, they came, the Oni, First the lights went out. Then… then the screaming started. Was it us or them? That horrible sound, it still rings in my head. They wore the armor of my ancestors… they, they cut us down with ancient blades.

Gunfire, shouting, blood. We couldn’t stop them. Everything turned to chaos. And then silence. They were gone.

Why did they leave? Why didn’t they kill us all? Captain Osaka is in command now. We… we are leaving the base, but not the island. We’re heading inland, to the Monastery. There is no other way. We must follow the Oni, all of us, If we can’t control the star, we must destroy it.

But I know… we… we’re all going to die.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

The same soldier. Again he mentions the Oni. Could it be that thing I saw in the Monastery?

Soldier: Last StandEdit

We never… never had a chance. They were waiting for us, hundreds of them. We never even made it to the sacred chamber. From the beginning, we were doomed. And now I wait for my ancestors to take me.

I can hear them. The Oni are killing my brothers, eating them, consuming their souls. So much death. I’m the Last one. What is my fate? Will I become one of them?

Ancestors hear me. Please, take me away from this, before the Oni come for me. Please take me to afterlife. Let me die in peace.

Lara's ThoughtsEdit

These poor soldiers, they had no idea why they were here. And they died alone. I’ve got to stop this.

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