The introduction of the storyline featuring Willard Stirling.

Willard Stirling is a character from an earlier version of Tomb Raider's storyline.

Lara Cruz (not yet Croft) is hired by a multibillionaire called Willard Stirling to recover a number of legendary artefacts from various ancient sites around the world. Unknown to Lara, Stirling wants these artefacts because, when fitted together, they create a device known as the Cucurbite, that can create a doorway to a myriad of alternate worlds. Stirling is a renegade from one of these worlds, banished to Earth many thousands of years ago by his own people, known as the Nephilim. Stirling has been searching for a way back and wants the six pieces of the Cucurbite to do so. The Cucurbite was broken up into six pieces around the world immediately following his banishment.

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