The Wounded Soldier is an Australian soldier that Lara Croft encounters in a coastal village during his search for the Ora Dagger in the South Pacific. He explains to her that his aeroplane crashed up in the mountains, leaving him and his fellow soldiers in the wilderness. Afraid of the unsettling area they were trapped in and noticing that something eerie roamed in the jungle, some of his men fled in fear while others would disappear, never to be seen again. One night, the Wounded Soldier woke up only to discover that something was eating his leg. Realising that the jungle was too dangerous, he led his men to the coast, thinking it was their best chance of survival, but they were unfortunately captured by the local cannibal tribesmen so as to be offered as sacrifices for their god. The Wounded Soldier finally gives Lara a map which indicates the right path to cross the nearby swamp.

Although Lara offers him to help him get out of here, the soldier, being now a one-legged man, chooses to stay behind, his handicap hindering him from moving. Furthermore, he prefers to be sacrificed rather than to go back in the jungle. Before departing, he asked Lara to tell his men to head North, in case she'd eventually find them.


  • His encounter with the tribesmen made the Wounded Soldier think that it was actually one of them that was eating his leg, an idea that Lara refuted since she did not believe that the tribesmen would eat someone alive. Judging by the fact that this event happened at night, preventing the soldier from actually seeing something, and since the jungle is largely inhabited by dinosaurs, it is more likely that a velociraptor attacked him.
  • Although the Wounded Soldier asks Lara to tell his men to head North, she never does it in game. Actually, all the soldiers can die without having any effect on the story.


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