"We found it in the shrine of Xolotol deep in the heart of Eldorado, suspended above a carved pedestal in a beam of unearthly light."
―Arther Hamilton Graves, referring to the Scion of Mu[src]

Xolotol is a character from an earlier version of the original Tomb Raider's storyline.

Little is known about this character, only that Colonel Arther Hamilton Graves attempted to collect the 'Scion of Mu' from Xolotol's shrine as seen in some storyboards.

His name seems to derive from the Aztecs, which is somewhat odd considering that his appearance appears to resemble that of Egyptian god Anubis.

Xolotol was also probably aligned with Sebek in some way, perhaps in the same way as Qualopec and Tihocan were allied with each other.